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    • General Information

      Air Force Medical University of PLA (the Fourth Military Medical University) is a national key university intending to train high- and middle-level medical professionals for the army. The University has developed into its present form through the amalgamation of the former Fourth Military Medical University and the former Fifth Military Medical University in 1954, and then was transferred under...

    • History of AFMU

      The former Fourth Military Medical University, formerly known as Medical School under Northwest Shanxi Military Area Command, was founded in 1941, and moved into Xi’an in November 1948. It has successively been renamed as People’s Medical College of Northwest Military Area Command and the First Military Medical College of PLA. In October 1952, it was renamed as the Fourth Military Medical Uni...


  •  President

    ZHANG Sibing  
  • Political Commissar

    WANG Baohong  
  • Vice-President

    WANG Dongguang     
  • Vice-Commissar

    YANG Chunfeng      

Air Force Medical University(AFMU)

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