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  • Basic Medical Science Academy

    Basic Medical Science Academy of Air Force Medical University is the unit mainly responsible for the teaching and research of basic medicine and public basic courses, as well as the educational administration of cadres and short-term trainees. It is composed of twenty-three sub-units, including seventeen departments and six cadet regiments. The school administrational institution contains teaching and research office and political work office. In our school, there are two national first-level disciplines with the post-doctoral mobile stations, namely, basic medicine and biology, which are among those disciplines that were first authorized to confer the master’s and doctor’s degree. Besi... ... More

  • Graduate School

    Air Force Medical University (AFMU) launched its graduate programs in 1962 and 31 graduate students were trained between 1962 and 1965. After the restoration of China’s graduate education in 1978 following a 13-year break, the university restarted its graduate programs. It became one of the first batch of national universities authorized to confer master’s and doctoral degrees in 1981. Pilot graduate school was founded with the approval of Ministry of Education in June, 2000. Formal graduate school was founded in June, 2001 and was accredited by Ministry of Education in June, 2004. Graduate School is composed of admission and teaching division, discipline construction and academic degre... ... More

  • Aerospace Medicine School

    ​Aerospace Medicine School was founded in 1960 in Fourth Military Medical University. It was originally named the Department of Aviation Medicine, and was renamed twice as the Department of Air Force Medicine in 1963 and Aerospace Medicine School in 1999. The Department is the only higher education institution in China which is qualified to confer Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral degrees in Aerospace Medicine. It is honored to hold the National Key Discipline, National Project 211 Key Construction Discipline, PLA’s Key Discipline, PLA’s Project 2110 Key Construction Discipline and PLA’s Logistics Key Construction Discipline. In 2018, it was encompassed into the National “Double F... ... More

  • Military Preventive Medicine School

    Military Preventive Medicine School (MPM) of Air Force Medical University (AFMU) traces its root to the Department of Public Health of the Fifth Military Medical University. The Department was established in 1954 when the Fourth and Fifth Military Medical University were merged. It was renamed the School of Military Medical Service and Statistics, and Military Preventive Medicine School in 1992 and 2002, respectively. The MPM is a State Key Discipline, a key construction discipline of “211 Project”, an authorized unit of doctoral degree of national first-level Public Health and Preventive Medicine, a postdoctoral station of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, and a “Research Station... ... More

  • Military Biomedical Engineering School

    Military Biomedical Engineering School was originally established in 1986 as the Department of Medical Electronic Engineering, offering four-year programs for undergraduates majoring in medical electronic engineering. In 1993, it was expanded and renamed as Military Biomedical Engineering School. The school was authorized to offer master's degree in 1990 and doctoral degree in 1998, and was accredited to be a postdoctoral research station in the field of Biomedical Engineering (BME) in 2000. ... More

  • Pharmacy School

    Pharmacy School of the Air Force Medical University (Fourth Military Medical University) was founded in October 2004. It is composed of eight departments, including the department office, department of Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmaceutical analysis, Pharmacology, Chemistry, Chinese Materia Medica and Natural medicines, Biopharmaceutics, Pharmaceutics and Pharmacy Administration. Pharmacy School is the key constructive discipline of first batch of "211 Project", the "2110 Project" of the Army, the "530 Project" of the general Lo... ... More

  • Military Medical Psychology School

    Military Medical Psychology School of Air Force Medical University can be traced back to the Psychology Teaching and Research Office of the Aerospace Medical Department of the Fourth Military Medical University, founded in 1960. It was renamed as Psychology Department of School of Aeronautics and Astronautics Medicine, Fourth Military Medical University; Department of Medical Psychology, Fourth Military Medical University, and Department of Medical Psychology, Air Force Medical University. In November 2017, it was officially renamed as Military Medical Psychology School, Air Force Medical University.Over the past 50 years, with the efforts of Chen Nanyi, Huangfu 'En, Miao Danmin and other generations of academic leaders, the department of psychological science has established a leading ... ... More

  • Nursing School

    Nursing School of the Air Force Medical University (the former Fourth Military Medical University) was established in 1992, which history can be tracked back to the nurse course of Medicine School in the Central University from 1935. It is the cradle of advanced nursing talents with glorious tradition and long history, which has trained more than 15,000 excellent nurses for the state and the army. It is one of the first batch of national authorized master degree as first-level discipline, and an important component discipline in the construction of the national "project 211" and the military "project 2110". ... More

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