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Dou Kefeng

Professor Kefeng Dou, renowned expert in the field of general surgery and organ transplantation, is the academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, director of Organ Transplantation Institute of Air Force Medical University (the former Fourth Military Medical University), the Central Military Commission health care consultant, vice chairman of surgical branch of Chinese Medical Association (CMA), vice president of organ transplant physicians branch of Chinese Medical Doctor Association (CMDA), chairman of general surgery committee of Chinese Research Hospital Association, standing member and head of xenotransplantation group of Organ Transplantation Society of CMA, chairman of the General Surgical Committee of the PLA. He is visiting scholar of Queen Mary Hospital and honorary professor, University of Hong Kong.

He achieved a grand success especially in the study of liver transplantation and surgical treatment of complex liver, bile, pancreas, spleen and retroperitoneal benign and malignant tumors. He created heterotopic auxiliary living donor liver transplantation in splenic fossa, performed the first successful living donor liver transplantation in China and the first combined liver-heart-kidney transplantation in Asia. He also performed the first genetically engineered pig-to-monkey liver xenotransplantation in China, and carried out the first PERV-KO and multi-genetically engineered pig liver xenotransplantation in the world. He is a chief scientist of National Basic Research Program of China (973 Program) and published 486 papers, including 166 papers published in the journals ofCell Metab, Hepatology, J Hepatol, Cancer Res, etc., with the highest IF of 27, total citation of 6368 times, and single highest citation of 1100 times. As an editor-in-chief he has authored 8 books on organ transplantation and general surgical diseases. He is the chief professor of the national teaching team, the main lecturer of the National Quality Course, and the deputy editor or editorial board member of 18 professional journals such as Chinese Journal of Surgery and Chinese Journal of Hepatobiliary Surgery. As the first accomplisher, he won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress twice, second prize of National Teaching Achievement once, provincial and ministerial first Prize four times. In addition, he was awarded Ho Leung Ho Lee Technology Progress Award, Chinese Doctor Award, Gold Medal for Military Education, first batch of "great medical spirit" representatives of CMDA, Outstanding Contribution Award by China Charity Federation, Air Force Medical University Lifetime Achievement Award, Air Force Technology Leadership Climbing Program talent.

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