The First Affiliated Hospital of AFMU

The First Affiliated Hospital of AFMU

The First Affiliated Hospital of AFMU of Airforce Medical University is the Central Hospital of Yanan which was founded in 1939. With the mergence of former Fourth Military Medical University and Fifth Military Medical University in 1954, their affiliated hospital amalgamated into the First Affiliated Hospital of the Fourth Military Medical University. And it was renamed The First Affiliated Hospital of AFMU in 1984 and reassigned to the Airfoce in 2017.

The First Affiliated Hospital of AFMUl is located in No.127 Changle West Road of Xi’an city. It is a modern general hospital combing medical, teaching, research and support activities. The comprehensive ranking is the number fifth best hospital in China. The First Affiliated Hospital of AFMU had a lot of honorary titles such as the nation’s top 100 hospital, the national people trusted hospital, the national model unit of supporting the government and loving the people, the national earthquake relief hero collective, and the advanced unit of the military hospital. Its name has been recognized as a well-known trademark of China by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce.

In the year of 2017, The First Affiliated Hospital of AFMU had an record of 3.87 million out-patient visits, 140,000 in-patients, and 87,000 operations. And the average hospital stay was 6.73 days. The First Affiliated Hospital of AFMUl has achieved some national or international milestones in its clinical work. In 1958, we had the China's first case of open heart surgery with extracorporeal circulation. In 1960 we successfully treated a patient with 96% burn injury (68% third degree). In 1986 we had the world’s first successful case of replantation of ten completely severed fingers. In 1991 our hospital performed the combined heterograft bone implantation and in 1997 the China’s first case of partial living liver transplantation. In 2006, we had the China’s first and the world's second case of ace transplantation. In addition, we successfully performed the world’s first case of heterotopic living liver transplantation in 2007 and world’s first dual-receiver heterotopic living liver transplantation. We also completed the China’s first living small bowel transplantation in 1999, and the nation’s first case of non-related living small bowel transplantation in 2012. Since 2014 we performed the Asia’s first 3D printed scapula and pelvic implant and the world's first case of 3D printed cranial defect repairmen. In 2015, we performed the China’s first human uterus transplantation. In 2016, we had the world’s first ultrasound-guided radiofrequency ablation of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. We also repaired the complex congenital heart disease combined with bilateral severe tracheal stenosis in a 5-month child with 4D printing technology. In 2017, the world's first computer-assisted 4D reconstruction of the breast was completed, and the world's first tissue engineering bone was generated to repair large bone defects. The First Affiliated Hospital of AFMU has its unique advantages in treating severe war trauma, head injury detection and treatment technology, thoracoscopic scoliosis correction surgery, early diagnosis of gastric cancer and sequential treatment strategy, cardiovascular interventional diagnosis and treatment technology, full heart surgery under thoracoscope, fetal congenital heart disease screening and diagnosis. The First Affiliated Hospital of AFMU has created more than 20 " first" technology in China and around the globle.

The First Affiliated Hospital of AFMU has 34 clinical disciplines authorized for conferring doctor's degree, 9 national Key Disciplines, and 17 national Key Clinical Specialties (military supported projects), 12 PLA medical research institutes, 6 PLA specialized medical centers. There are a total of 15 disciplines that are the China’s top 10 and the department of gastroenterology has been the China’s best one for more than 8 years. Among all the personnel, there is an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 3 chief scientists of “973 project”, 10 “Yangtze River Scholars”, 10 winners of “National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars”, 6 winners of “Outstanding Young Investigator Award”, 5 leading researchers accredited by the Ministry of Science and Technology, 8 leading researchers accredited by the Ministry of Education. And 30 physicians were elected to be the chairman or vice chairman of Chinese Medical Association in their respective specialties. 6 physicians are serving in various international medical organizations. We have 1 State Key Laboratory, 4 Military Key Laboratory, and 1 State Key Clinical Research Center. There are a total of 7 groups for state and military innovation. Since 2008,The First Affiliated Hospital of AFMU has received many National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology, including 3 first grade awards, 4 second grade awards, and 1 Innovation Team Award for National Science and Technology Progress. We also received 2 first grade awards of Military Prize for Progress in Science and Technology, 7 first grade award of Military Prize for Clinical Achievements. There are also 3 first grade awards for The Chinese Medical Science and Technology Award, 1 first grade award for Chinese Hospital Progress for Science and Technology, and 14 first grade awards for Shaan Xi Provincial Prize for Science.

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