The Second Affiliated Hospital of AFMU

The Second Affiliated Hospital of AFMU

The Second Affiliated Hospital of AFMU was founded in 1939 as yan 'an central hospital.Transference in 1955 Air Force Medical University teaching hospital, 1958 approved by the China PLA General Political Department as Air Force Medical University the second affiliated hospital, 1985 approved by the China PLA General Logistics Department said The Second Affiliated Hospital of AFMU, with the Air Force Medical University transference The air force in 2017, changed its name to the air force military medical university the second affiliated hospital, it is a collection of medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, prevention, health care, rehabilitation as one of the modernization and Integration third-grade class-A hospital.We have More than national key disciplines, national key training discipline, the ministry of education innovation team, the army medical research institute, the army medical special (Special disease) center, the army medical key laboratory,the key disciplines and advantage of Shaanxi Province, all disciplines are master's degree authorization discipline.With more than three levels of professors, the state has made outstanding contributions to the young and middle-aged experts, 973 chief scientist, chief scientist of that changjiang scholars program, and the main committee of the national, military and provincial academic awards.With advanced inspection equipment and humanized diagnosis and treatment system, also has the leading medical technology which at the diagnosis and treatment of many diseases.Successively won the first prize for national scientific and technological progress, second prize of national technological invention, represented by a number of important scientific research awards.With complete and advanced teaching facilities, we undertake the teaching and training tasks for students of multi-level and multi-track undergraduate and doctoral programs.We have successfully completed major medical treatment and treatment tasks in the fight against SARS, earthquake relief and supporting africa in fighting ebola, and have won many awards including national people's trust hospital, national model group for national unity and progress, and advanced party committee of the China PLA General Logistics Department.

Air Force Medical University(AFMU)

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