The Third Affiliated Hospital of AFMU

The Third Affiliated Hospital of AFMU


The Third Affiliated Hospital of AFMU of Air Force Medical University (primary name: School of Stomatology of Air Force Medical University) was founded in 1935. The Third Affiliated Hospital of AFMU is the first specialized dental hospital established by Chinese people. The clinical science of stomatology is the first national key discipline. Basic science of stomatology is the first national key discipline. The hospital is the first authorized discipline of doctor and master degree in China, discipline of postdoctoral mobility, the first batch of key subjects of “Project 211” in China, special professors of “Yangtze Scholars” of the ministry of education are appointed to set up posts, discipline of the army’s “Top Priority”, and the hospital is also the army’s first national key clinical specialty. The hospital was approved successively by the State Key Laboratory of Military Stomatology, national center for Clinical Medicine of Oral Diseases, National Teaching Demonstration Center and National Virtual Simulation Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center. There are total 4 demonstration centers which cover a national platform of medical treatment, teaching and research. At the same time, it has been approved as a research platform at the provincial and ministerial levels, including the engineering center of the Ministry of Education, the Key Laboratory of Stomatology of the whole army and the Key Laboratory of Stomatology of Shaanxi province. In the fourth round of national discipline assessment results which announced in 2017, the hospital was awarded A+, and ranked first in China with Peking University Hospital of Stomatology and west China School, Hospital of Stomatology Sichuan University.

Currently, the hospital has 53000 square meters of medical treatment, teaching and research room. Among 53000 square meters, outpatients and emergency department occupy 25300 square meters. There are 280 dental chairs, 144 inpatient beds, and total value of equipment is 280 million Yuan. At present, there are 102 professional and technical personnel who above the senior professional Title, among them 37 experts in higher vocational, 65 experts Ph.D. supervisor, and more than 95% of them have experience of studying abroad. 37 people of the national institute of secondary above vice chairman, 2 innovation team of the Ministry of Education, 1 state-level teaching team, 1 original the General Logistics of PLA Samsung team, 6 “Yangtze Scholar” of the Ministry of Education, 1 person gains the winners of National Natural Science Foundation outstanding youth fund, 2 Outstanding Youth Fund winners, and 1 excellent teacher of the whole army, 1 famous teacher of Shaanxi Province.

The hospital has formed its own characteristics and advantages in the four research directions of the pathogenesis and healing mechanism of oral and maxillofacial trauma, the pathogenesis and blocking mechanism of idiopathic oral diseases, the key materials for repairing of oral and maxillofacial defects and tissue regeneration of oral and maxillofacial, and all of these mentioned above has been leading the field at domestic and overseas. Currently, 15 clinical characteristic departments are set up. Medical technology in the field of denture fixation, denture implantation, repair of plastic and aesthetic, orthodontic treatment, Conservative dentistry treatment, periodontics treatment, prosthetic treatment of teeth, and  treatment of intractable temporo-mandibular joint disease is leading in China. The successful treatment of typical cases such as “pit face girl” (Congenital maxillofacial and zygomatic defects), “dropping face man” (Giant neurofibromatosis) and mandibular osteolysis has been continuously tracked and reported by state mainstream media such as CCTV. At the same time, the technology of regeneration of dental pulp from the stem cells of the deciduous teeth and the successful research and development of the world’s first dental implant robot have had a significant impact on the field of stomatology in the world.

In the past five years, the hospital has been approved more than 260 projects at the military level, provincial level and ministerial level, including 30 major national and military key projects, 1 “973 Chief Scientist Project”, 1 National Key Research and Development Project and 3 “863 Youth Scientists Project”. The State Natural Science Foundation was approved for 167 projects, with a total grant of more than 120 million Yuan. Since 2011, it has won the only first prize in National Science and Technology progress award in Chinese Stomatology, 3 second award prize of National Scientific and Technological progress, one first prize and one second prize of science and technology award of Chinese Stomatology Association, and 12 first prizes of military, provincial and ministerial Scientific and Technological Achievements. A total of 626 SCI papers have been published, of which the single most influential factor is 38. There are 121 authorized patents, including 3 International invention patents, 49 national invention patents and 58 published monographs.

The concept of “Painless treatment, no cross infection, no harm in the short and long term” was first put forward by the hospital. Adhering to the construction concept of “high-end technology, family-oriented environment, humanized service, scientific management and civilian price”, the hospital is committed to providing the best medical services with high quality, safety and efficiency to all sectors of society.

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