Aerospace Medicine School

Aerospace Medicine School

Aerospace Medicine School was founded in 1960 in Fourth Military Medical University. It was originally named the Department of Aviation Medicine, and was renamed twice as the Department of Air Force Medicine in 1963 and Aerospace Medicine School in 1999.

The Department is the only higher education institution in China which is qualified to confer Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral degrees in Aerospace Medicine. It is honored to hold the National Key Discipline, National Project 211 Key Construction Discipline, PLA’s Key Discipline, PLA’s Project 2110 Key Construction Discipline and PLA’s Logistics Key Construction Discipline. In 2018, it was encompassed into the National “Double First-Level” Disciplines and PLA’s “Double-Key” Construction Disciplines. Besides, the department owns Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Education, and PLA Key Laboratory and PLA Key Medical Laboratory. It has the only innovation team in the field of Aerospace Medicine, namely The Innovation Team of the Ministry of Education. In 2014, the Army Aviation Medical Research Institute was jointly founded by the Department and Army Aviation Department of the former PLA General Staff. In 2018, Shaanxi Technology Collaborative Innovation Center for Aerospace Medical Service was established.

The Department is well-equipped and well-facilitated. It has two comprehensive buildings covering an area of over 9,000 square meters, mainly used for teaching, researching, medical care, training and medical evaluation. The buildings contain 38 classrooms and laboratories, including the Lab for Anti-G Physiological Training, Lab for Visual Training and Medical Evaluation, Pilots Physiological and Psychological Training Lab, Space Cellular and Molecular Biology Lab and High Altitude Protection Lab, occupying an area of more than 4,700 square meters. Also installed are some large equipment such as explosive decompression of the low temperature composite tank, hyperbaric oxygen chamber, ejection trainers, short arm centrifuge, three-dimensional roller, which are worthy of more than 70 million RMB. In 2016, the department received the title as Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center for Aerospace Medicine of Shaanxi Province.

The Department has a team of outstanding faculty, including 21 supervisors of graduates, among whom 8 are supervisors of Ph.D candidates. There are 2 experts holding the posts in Academic Degrees Evaluation Committee of the State Council, 2 Distinguished Professors of the Cheung Kong Scholars Program, and 1 scholar supported by the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars. The department also has 1 Renowned Teacher and 3 Outstanding Teachers awarded by the former Department of General Logistics, as well as 1 Gold Medal winner and 15 Silver Medal winners of Cultivating Talents Award in Military Academies. More than 90% of the faculty members have doctoral degrees, and 65% of them have oversea research experience.

The Department has made remarkable achievements in training medical professionals, and is always considered the cradle of national and military aerospace medical professionals. Over these years, a multi-level and multi-track personnel training system has taken shape, which incorporated three levels of students including undergraduates, postgraduates and Ph.D candidates in Aerospace Medicine. To supplement this system, the department also launched a series of professional training programs, including the National Aerospace Medical Professional Training Course, Army-wide Air Transport Evacuation Training Course, Army Joint Logistics Hospital and Sanatorium Aircrew Identification Backbone Training Course and Naval Vessel Medical Aviation Professional Training Course. Up to now, it has trained over 5,600 undergraduates, 300 postgraduates and 130 doctoral students majoring in Aerospace Medicine. In addition, it has enrolled over 4,500 aviation medical students from Air Force, Navy, Army and Civil Aviation for on-the-job training and 19 military medical students from oversea countries. Among these graduates are Zhang Hua, who was conferred the honorary title of “Outstanding College Student of Ideals and Courageous Devotion”, and Academician Zhang Xu, representing a bunch of brilliant experts and high-ranking officials.

Productive research results have been obtained. Through years of continued efforts, our department has gradually improved its faculty and facilities for scientific research, and has developed a collaboratively working environment with "teaching, research, medicine, training and appraisal" integrated into a whole. It has played an increasingly significant role in fulfilling important scientific tasks on the National and the Military Levels. It has undertaken a number of scientific research tasks, which include Major National S&T Projects, 863 Projects, 921 Projects, Major Military Projects and the Natural Science Foundation of China. Our team has won over 60 national or military awards, particularly 1 First Prize of National Science and Technology Progress and 3 First Prize of Military Science and Technology Progress. The team has also obtained a variety of invention patents. A number of equipment that we developed have been applied into the selection and training of pilots and astronauts, such as the Pilots High-load Physiological and Psychological Simulation Training System, Lower Body Negative Pressure Training Equipment, Protective Suit for Emergency Shuttle Return, DXC Series Psychological Assessment Equipment.

Researches for military purpose and for soldiers’ needs are regarded our priorities. While completing the teaching and researching tasks, we actively carried out service activities for the military purpose. For instance, we have rescued 22 pilots with high-altitude decompression sickness and gas poisoning. The department held more than 600 lectures, edited and published over 10 textbooks and operation manuals, with more than 100,000 books distributed to troops. To commend our medical support for the "921 Project" manned space flight, the department was granted the "Contribution Award for Manned Space Flight" by the China Astronaut Research and Training Center. Astronauts Yang Liwei, ZhaiZhigang and other space heroes have visited here. The department has hosted several military delegations from the United States, France, Israel, Brazil, Argentina and other countries.

Under the guidance of the University Party Committee, Aerospace Medicine School will adhere to the goal of serving the Air Force, with a focus on establishing a healthcare system for the Aviation Force in new era. It will stay on track of two “Five-in-One" frameworks, specifically "teaching-medicine-research-appraisal-training" and "talent-technology-equipment-standard-service" systems. The department strives toward improved medical services for aerospace exploration, independent innovation and integrated research. We will further dedicate ourselves to cultivating new talents, nurturing new teams, developing new technologies and equipment, formulating new standards and developing new services. All these efforts will make Aerospace Medical Service more influential, have more say, and take a leading positionin the discipline system of international Special Medicine and Special Medical Service.


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