Basic Medical Science Academy

Basic Medical Science Academy

Basic Medical Science Academy of Air Force Medical University is the unit mainly responsible for the teaching and research of basic medicine and public basic courses, as well as the educational administration of cadres and short-term trainees. It is composed of twenty-three sub-units, including seventeen departments and six cadet regiments. The school administrational institution contains teaching and research office and political work office. In our school, there are two national first-level disciplines with the post-doctoral mobile stations, namely, basic medicine and biology, which are among those disciplines that were first authorized to confer the master’s and doctor’s degree. Besides, there are nine national second-level disciplines in the school, of which six are national key disciplines. The school possesses a national transformational center of molecular medicine and a national teaching demonstration center. All these disciplines have developed into four superior disciplinary groups featuring neuroscience, systemic medical biology, molecular medicine, as well as immunity and anti-infection.

Basic Medical Science Academy has 1 academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 1 academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 4 professors above Grade Three, 3 scholars supported by National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, and 4 professors appointed by Cheung Kong Scholars Program. There are 5 professors holding academic posts higher than the vice-chairman of national and international academic associations, 2 winners of the "Ho Leung Ho Lee" Award, 2 professors awarded by Seeking Truth Project and 21 person-times of the faculty selected as high-level military talents. The school has 2 Scientific Innovation Research Teams of Ministry of Education, 1 PLA Science and Technology Innovation Group, and 2 Key Science and Technology Innovation Teams of Shaanxi Province. Additionally, there are 2 person-times entitled chief scientists of national “973 project”, 1 National Teaching Team, 2 Excellent Teaching Teams awarded by the former General Logistics Department of PLA and 3 Excellent Teaching Teams of Shaanxi Province. The school has developed 2 National Exquisite Courses, 1 National Exquisite Resource-shared Course and 1 National Open Exquisite Video Course. The school is also honored to have 10 winners of Gold Medal of Cultivating Talents in Military Academies and 50 winners of Silver Medal of Cultivating Talents in Military Academies. There are 99 supervisors of graduates, among whom 40 are supervisors of Ph.D. candidates.


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