Military Medical Psychology School

Military Medical Psychology School

Military Medical Psychology School of Air Force Medical University can be traced back to the Psychology Teaching and Research Office of the Aerospace Medical Department of the Fourth Military Medical University, founded in 1960. It was renamed as Psychology Department of School of Aeronautics and Astronautics Medicine, Fourth Military Medical University; Department of Medical Psychology, Fourth Military Medical University, and Department of Medical Psychology, Air Force Medical University. In November 2017, it was officially renamed as Military Medical Psychology School, Air Force Medical University.

Over the past 50 years, with the efforts of Chen Nanyi, Huangfu 'En, Miao Danmin and other generations of academic leaders, the department of psychological science has established a leading position in the development of psychology application in the whole army. In summary, there are 3 First Performance and 5 Unique Achievements. It was the first to establish a systematic psychological teaching and research institute (1960), and the first to offer undergraduate psychology courses (1963). It was also the earliest authorized discipline for Master's Degree in Psychology in the army (1993), and the army's only key laboratory of Military Medical Psychology (2001). In addition, it was the only authorized discipline of the Doctor's Degree in psychology in the army (2003), and the ministry of national defense's recruitment psychological testing technology center (2006). It also served as the only first-level discipline of psychology (2010) and the only post-doctoral research station of psychology in the army (2012). In the latest news of the fourth round of national discipline assessment announced by the Ministry of Education Degree and Graduate Student Education Development Center, our department as the only military educational institution on the list, ranked fourth among the eight grades assessed, and ranked 11th out of 51 institutions (23 doctorates and 28 master's degrees) that participated in the assessment

Military Medical Psychology School has one administrative office, four teaching and research offices (namely, Basic Psychology office, Clinical Psychology office, Aerospace Psychology office, and Military Psychology office) and one teaching and experimental center. Laboratories of the department cover an area of 1,500 square meters, serving the experimental functions of psychological evaluation, psychological training. There are also brain electrical physiological LABS, eye movement laboratories, biofeedback laboratory, virtual reality laboratory, flight illusion laboratory, laboratory for psychological counseling, psychotherapy and behavior observation, with a collection of instruments and equipment which worth more than 13 million RMB.

Currently, the department has 26 staff members, including 4 professors, 4 associate professors, 3 doctoral supervisors and 7 master supervisors. More than 80% of the tutor team are Ph. D of either applied psychology or medicine. More than 75% have the experience of studying abroad in the United States, Britain, Japan, Australia, and Sweden, etc., Two people went to Israel for short-term training in military psychology. There is 1 Reserve Talent of the former General Logistics Ministry and 1 staff member winning the title of National Outstanding Science and Technology Worker. There was also 1 military leader in high-level innovation engineering, 1 military professional and technical personnel, and 1 guest professor of National University of Defense Technology. What’s more, there were 1 winner of the Golden Award and 3 winners of the Silver Award of Military Academy.

Military Medical Psychology School is the research center of military mental health and the Professional Committee of Military Psychology of the Chinese psychological society. It is also the affiliated units and/or chairman units of the Chinese Academy of Rehabilitation Psychology and the Chinese Academy of Rehabilitation Psychology. It is the member of the National College Psychology Teaching Instruction Committee and the professional Committee of Military Psychology of the Chinese Society of Social Psychology. It also functions as the Vice Chairperson/Vice Chairperson unit of the Chinese Psychological Association, the Consultation and Guidance Committee of military mental health, and the Shaanxi Provincial Psychological Society.

Military Medical Psychology School has been enrolled undergraduate students in Clinical Medicine (or Psychology) since 2012. At the same time, it cultivated Applied Psychology majors, Medical Psychology master and doctoral candidates. It undertook educational tasks and training tasks of approximately 2,000 hours per year. A total of 5 postdocs (including postdocs within working period), 79 doctoral candidates, 259 master's degree candidates (1 has won the award of National Excellent Master's Degree Thesis), 29 bachelor's degree candidates were cultivated here, and more than 12,000 psychological professionals have been trained for the state and the army.

The main research directions of Military Medical Psychology School are psychological selection, post classification of military personnel, combat psychology and information trauma protection, and mental health maintenance in special military environment. Since the tenth Five-year Plan period of the country, Military Medical Psychology School has presided over and undertaken the National Science and Technology Support Plan and the National Key Basic Research Development Plan (Project 973), National High-tech Research and Development Plan (Project 863), Chinese Manned Space Program (Project 921), the State Natural Science Foundation and other national scientific research projects, as well as more than 30 military scientific research projects at various levels, including major and key research projects on logistics medicine, special projects on defense science and technology innovation special zones. A total of more than 170 million RMB was received as funds for scientific researches. It also presided over the development of China's first psychological selection and recruitment testing system, the first military cadets psychological selection system, and presided over and participated in the formulation of 8 national of military implementation standards for the psychological selection of pilots, astronauts, enlisted citizens, cadets and recruits. In recent years, 90 academic papers and 15 monographs have been published in SCI/SSCI/EI journals. Research groups of the department have won the First Prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award (2010) and the First Prize of Military Science and Technology Progress Award (2005 and 2008) as the first contribution unit. It also won the Chinese Industry-Institution-Research Cooperation Innovation Award (2014), and have won 17 national software copyright.

Military Medical Psychology School has always been a calling card for the Air Force Medical University to serve the society and the army. The department has successively completed psychological security, rescue and exercise tasks for various military or non-military operations, such as earthquake relief, emergency response and stability maintenance, Olympic security, National Day military parade and cross-regional drills. It provided psychological service to the society and the army for more than 200 person-time on an average year, and over 50 psychological lectures were given out to benefit a total number of more than 100,000 military members and civilian people.

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