Military Biomedical Engineering School

Military Biomedical Engineering School

Military Biomedical Engineering School was originally established in 1986 as the Department of Medical Electronic Engineering, offering four-year programs for undergraduates majoring in medical electronic engineering. In 1993, it was expanded and renamed as Military Biomedical Engineering School. The school was authorized to offer master's degree in 1990 and doctoral degree in 1998, and was accredited to be a postdoctoral research station in the field of Biomedical Engineering (BME) in 2000.

The school consists of five departments including Department of Military Medical Information Technology, Department of Medical Electronics, Department of Medical Electronic Engineering, Department of Military Medical Equipment and Metrology, and Experiment Teaching Center.

The school's faculty members include an academician of China Engineering Academy, strategic planning consultants for the nation and the military, special allowance recipients of the State Council, teaching and research experts with outstanding contributions to the PLA and to Shaanxi Province. The School offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses for bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees, in Biomedical Engineering.

In recent 5 years, the School has gained projects supported by such funds as Special Fund for Research on National Major Research Instruments of NNSFC, the national key technology specialty programme, key technologies R&D programme, and medical technology programme of PLA, worth over 160 million RMB yuan in total.

With more than thirty years' development, its active and productive faculty has made great achievements in specific research areas of military medical engineering, including medical instrumentation, biomedical signal detecting and processing, biological effect of physical factors, medical image processing, and artificial intelligence.

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