Military Preventive Medicine School

Military Preventive Medicine School



Military Preventive Medicine School (MPM) of Air Force Medical University (AFMU) traces its root to the Department of Public Health of the Fifth Military Medical University. The Department was established in 1954 when the Fourth and Fifth Military Medical University were merged. It was renamed the School of Military Medical Service and Statistics, and Military Preventive Medicine School in 1992 and 2002, respectively. The MPM is a State Key Discipline, a key construction discipline of “211 Project”, an authorized unit of doctoral degree of national first-level Public Health and Preventive Medicine, a postdoctoral station of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, and a “Research Station of Talents” of the former General Department of Logistics, PLA. The school has one “Innovative Research Team of the Ministry of Education”, one “Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Education”, three “Key Medical Laboratories of PLA”, three “Key Construction Disciplines of PLA”, two key construction disciplines of “530 Project” of the former General Department of Logistics, PLA, and one “Shaanxi Provincial Key Laboratory”. The school ranks B+ in the latest evaluation of national first-level disciplines in “Public Health and Preventive Medicine”.

The school has seven departments, including Department of Military Occupational and Environmental Health, Department of Military Epidemic Prevention and Epidemiology, Department of Radiation Medical Protection, Department of Military Toxicology and Medicine of Chemical Defense, Department of Military Health Statistics, Department of Military Health Education and Management, and Department of Health Care Management and Medical Education. Besides, it has laboratories with a total area of 5260m2. So it is a school of public health with comparatively complete disciplines and well-equipped research facilities. Currently, the school has 94 full-time faculty members (military and civilian), including 16 professors, 27 associate professors, 15 doctoral supervisors and 23 master supervisors. There are one Chief Scientist for national “973 Project”, one Scholar of “Changjiang Scholar Program”, one leading talent of the state “Hundred, Thousand and Ten-Thousand Leading-talent Project”, one honored as “Young and Middle-aged Experts with Outstanding Contributions”, one winner of the “National Excellent 100 Doctoral Dissertation”, one winner of “New Century Talent-supporting Project of the Ministry of Education”, three Silver Stars of Technology and three New Stars of Technology of the former General Department of Logistics, PLA, five winners of Gold Prize of Bringing up Talents in Military Academies in the school. The school has three winners of the “Excellent Master Dissertation of PLA”, three winners of the “Shaanxi Provincial Excellent Doctoral Dissertation”, four awarded the “Shaanxi Provincial New Technology Star”, six winners of the “Outstanding Talents of the Air Force Medical University”, and five experts approved to receive the special allowance of the State Council. In this high-quality and energetic team, there are 41 person-times holding important position in academic group, including one Vice President of Chinese Society of Toxicology, one Director of Committee of Neurotoxicology, Chinese Society of Toxicology, one Director of Committee of Biological Effects of ROS, Chinese Environmental Mutagen Society, one Director of Committee of Testing and Evaluation of Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation of Weapons and Military Equipments, one Vice Director of Committee of Chinese Clinical Epidemiology, one Vice Director of Committee of Radiation Toxicology, directors of committees of Shaanxi Provincial Health Statistics, Epidemiology and Clinical Epidemiology, and vice directors of Health Statistics, Military Occupation and Environment Medicine, Epidemiology, Hygiene, Preventive Medicine Against Chemical Weapons, Radiation Medicine, and Nutritional Medicine. To date, it has established international partnerships with famous universities and research institutions, including Columbia University, New York University, Purdue University, Kyoto University, etc. Over 40 members have more than one year experience of overseas training.

The school has three undergraduate specialties, including Preventive Medicine, Nutriology, and Health Service Management, and seven postgraduate specialties, including Occupational and Environmental Health, Nutrition and Food Hygiene, Epidemiology and Health Statistics (research interest in both Health Statistics and Epidemiology), Hygiene Toxicology, Military Preventive Medicine, Radiation Medicine, Social Medicine and Health Service Management. In recent years, the school has cultivated more than 400 students.

Since the 12th “Five-Year” plan, it has received over 170 research projects at the national, ministerial, and provincial levels, with a total amount of funding of 250 million CNY, including one project of Chief Scientist for national “973 Project”, 77 projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China (including 4 key programs), two key programs of National Science and Technology Support Project, six State Key Science and Technology Special Projects, six National High Tech R&D (863) Program projects and four major or key projects of Military 12th “Five-Year” plan. The school has also received one project of National Social Science Foundation, one Military Logistics Academic Project, two projects of Pilot Experiment of Military Logistics Science and Technology Achievements, five projects of Especially Essential Drug for Army, one Clinical Trial Permission, one New Drug Certificate, seven National Invention Patents, eleven Software Copyrights, twenty-one National Utility Model Patents, and three National Appearance Patents. It has been awarded one second prize of National Science and Technology Progress, three first prizes of Military Science and Technology Progress, one second prize of Military Science and Technology Progress, one first prize of Shaanxi Provincial Science and Technology, one second prize of Shaanxi Provincial Science and Technology. SCI papers with a total of 187 have been published.

Guided by the goal of strengthening the PLA, the school will be devoted to the service of the Air Force, even the other arms of PLA. The school is keeping on developing the university's tradition of “setting high priority to moral education, academic learning, harmony and initiative” and following its motto of “Solidarity, Truth-seeking, Innovation and Dedication”. The staff will be dedicated to building up it into a top-level discipline of public health, leading in the military and well-known domestically.

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