Nursing School

Nursing School

Nursing School of the Air Force Medical University (the former Fourth Military Medical University) was established in 1992, which history can be tracked back to the nurse course of Medicine School in the Central University from 1935. It is the cradle of advanced nursing talents with glorious tradition and long history, which has trained more than 15,000 excellent nurses for the state and the army. It is one of the first batch of national authorized master degree as first-level discipline, and an important component discipline in the construction of the national "project 211" and the military "project 2110".

At present, Nursing School has four disciplines: basic nursing, military and disaster nursing, clinical nursing, humanistic nursing, including two provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers and three affiliated hospitals, carrying out the teaching of undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing education. There are forty-three teachers, more than 20 of them have served in various academic organizations at the national and military levels (including 14 vice-chairmen), and 4 of them are the owners of the silver award of military education.

In recent years, Nursing School has undertaken or participated in 30 national, military and provincial scientific research projects and received over one million yuan of scientific research funds, won 6 third prize of military science and technology progress, published 27 SSCI/SCI papers and 245 papers of national journals, chief edited or deputy chief edited 26 textbooks, and won 18 military or provincial awards of its great achievement in nursing education.

Now, following the construction standard of the university, Nursing School is focusing on the quality-oriented education, which guided by the troops demand, based on the talents cultivation and goaled with innovation, aiming to make greater contribution for its becoming a famous higher military medical institutions all over the world.

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