Pharmacy School

Pharmacy School


Pharmacy School of the Air Force Medical University (Fourth Military Medical University) was founded in October 2004. It is composed of eight departments, including the department office, department of Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmaceutical analysis, Pharmacology, Chemistry, Chinese Materia Medica and Natural medicines, Biopharmaceutics, Pharmaceutics and Pharmacy Administration.

Pharmacy School is the key constructive discipline of first batch of "211 Project", the "2110 Project" of the Army, the "530 Project" of the general Logistics Department. It also involves the "2011 Plan" and national "Double First-class" plan. There are 8 national, military, provincial key laboratories and engineering centers, which cover a total area of 12,000 square meters and equipment value of 120 million yuan. The pharmacy department ranked 10th in the third round of national pharmacy first-level discipline evaluation, and got B+ in the fourth round of evaluation, indicating that the discipline construction reaches the advanced level of similar pharmacy colleges in the country.

Since Pharmacy School was approved as a doctoral discipline in Pharmacology in 1986, postdoctoral research station in 2007, the first batch of professional master degrees in Pharmacy and Chinese Materia Medica in 2010 and doctoral degree discipline in Pharmacy and Chinese Materia Medica in 2011, it has formed a multi-level training system for undergraduates, masters, doctoral students and continuing education. Nearly 600 bachelors, 400 graduate students, and more than 30 visiting scholars.

It has formed an innovative academic team led by academicians, guided by respected seniorprofessors, and characterized by outstanding young and middle-aged  scholars. There are more than 40 professors and associate professors, of which 81.5% are under 45 years old, 87% are doctors, and 38.6% have overseas study  experience. Among them, Professor Zhang Shengyong is member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Professor Luo Xiaoxing and Professor Zhang Yingqi are three-level professors, and many who have national “distinguished teaching awards”, the silver medal of the whole army training prize, the national "Women's Invention Award", the outstanding teachers of the army, Shaanxi Province "Three Qin scholars" and so on.

We won one first prize and four second prizes for teaching achievements in Shaanxi Province, one excellent resource sharing courses in Shaanxi Province; and aslo obtained national and provincial scientific and technological innovation teams. More than that, we have edited the textbook of "Military Pharmacology" and other 20 books, co-edited more than 60 monographs. Many graduates won excellent dissertation awards, including one National excellent doctoral dissertation, 2 excellent doctors and 1 master in army and so on. Many undergraduates participated and won awards in the National College English Contest and the Pharmaceutical Forum.

We won multiple honors including second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award, first prize of Shaanxi Science and Technology, 2nd Prize of Military Science and Technology and first prize of Patent. We have 257 projects of national, military and provincial, which worth more than 20 million and have published 424 papers with high impact factor in recent 5 years.

The School also emphasizes science and technology achievement transformation and have established stable cooperation with nearly 20 colleges and universities in the United States, Canada, Britain, France, Germany, etc. We invited many domestic and overseas scholars and academicians to give lectures or as guest professors.

The School hosted the China Pharmacology Conference, the World Pharmacological Conference-Xi'an, the International Conference on Drug Metabolism, the National Pharmacology Teaching Reform Seminar, the National Industrial Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Academic Conference, the National Medical and Pharmaceutical College Teaching Reform and Micro-course seminar, Qinba Mountain Area Chinese Medicine Development Collaborative Innovation Center kick-off meeting and many other provincial academic annual conferences.

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